Nephrotic Syndrome Specialist in Delhi
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Nephrotic Syndrome Specialist in Delhi

Nephrotic Syndrome
Most people have two kidneys, one on either side of the body just beneath the ribcage. Healthy kidneys filter the blood and allow small particles of waste products and water to be excreted as urine. Kidneys also play important role in the control of blood pressure, maintenance of bone health and formation of red blood cells.

What is nephrotic syndrome?
Nephrotic syndrome occurs when the kidneys leak large amounts of protein (especially albumin) into the urine. It is these proteins which is mainly responsible for holding water in the blood vessels, and when they are lost in urine, their level decreases in the blood which causes the water to come out of the blood vessels and cause swelling (edema).

What causes Nephrotic Syndrome?
In most cases, the exact cause of nephrotic syndrome is not known. There is no relationship with diet or socioeconomic status of the family. It is non-infectious and does not transfer to other family members.

What are the symptoms?
The most common symptom is swelling (edema). It first appears on the face, especially around the eyes which is most prominent in the morning when the child gets up and decreases by the evening.

Other symptoms include: Frothy urine, weakness and tiredness, passing less urine than usual, recurrent infections, diarrhoea.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Sidharth Sethi, please contact:
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Address: Division of Pediatric Nephrology, Kidney Institute, Medanta, The Medicity, Gurgaon, Haryana, India, 122001
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